H3OT offering

Real time water consumption data
Automatic notification via SMS or mail
Detect large water consumers
Detect water leaks
Analyze trending reports
Save water and costs
H3OT provides an end-to-end solution for your water monitoring and enables you to reach environmental targets by reducing water usage.

An all in one solution that can be used in various sitations with all the same goal: insights in water consumption, reducing costs and building towards a sustainable future.
The solution is based on proven LoRa technology that connects all devices via a wireless protocol. This makes it easy to install city/company wide without losing connectivity. The combination of accurate waterflow sensors and robust connectivity makes a zero-maintenance setup. This gives the customer the opportunity to only focus on optimizing the water savings.

“To measure is to know. If you can not measure it, you can not improve it”

H3OT gives you the ability to have insights in the data that’s collected by various measuringpoints in order to create clear actions plans and indications of improvements.

– Mapping large water consumers
– Leakage detection
– Trending reports to formulate advice
– Alerts to reach goals

Adapted to your sector

We help in your transition to sustainability.

Leak detection

Avoid useless water consumption for weeks with real time leak detection and notification. Undetected leaks can be hidden up to months resulting in water damage.

Large consumers

Identify large water consumers and setup action plans, based on real time data. Reporting gives you the ability to quickly identify the quick wins in water savings.

Social responsibility

As water is a valuable resource, everybody has the responsibility to use it in a sustainable way. H3OT helps creating awareness for water usage and setup specific campaigns for water usage reduction.

The only one connected device in the world for Water Consumption Smart building for everybody

The Solution

The past years, we acknowledged the increase of CO2 and the way it affects or living quality. We all might forget that we face the opposite trend of our most valuable resource, water.

Climate change has his impact anywhere, and drought is a direct result of this trend. Year after year, the groundwater level decreases and providing fresh drinkwater is becoming a challenge. It’s here where we should be aware of the water we consume and reduce spilling. We can only say that we are using a resource sustainable if we use it in such a way that it stays available for future generations.

H3OT provides a solution to map all water usage in public buildings, individual households, swimming pools, sportcentra,… and gives insight in that data. By doing this, we can highlight large consumers where we than can take action upon. Also, by being able to visualize the water consumption, we create awareness which directly results into reduced consumption.

The Infrastructure

The infrastructure is a flexible, scalable IoT setup that uses the latest technology in order to provide an accurate, real time overview of the water consumption.

Flexible water measurement systems can be installed anywhere which makes it possible to have an overview of the water consumption per building, floor, water unit… These sensors are then connected to a gateway and can be scaled to any need and any location. The LoRa protocol is made for IoT applications where power consumption and robustness are important factors.

The seamless integration between all components makes it possible to start collecting data right from the start to optimize the benefits.

Data Analysis

Collecting data is one thing, using it is something else. By structuring all sensor data we get a general overview of the water consumed in the monitored environments. Doing this gives us the ability to quickly identify abnormalities and prioritize certain large consumers.

Using trending analysis, we can easily see how and when we achieve certain goals. Insight in all this data will be used to give advice to optimize your water usage. The platform allows to put certain alerts on activities in order to quickly react on leakages. One central platform to manage all connected sensors makes it possible to effectively reduce the water consumption and use water sustainable.

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