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Water shortages have serious consequences in the long term. We are already seeing the impact on agriculture, which inevitably has an impact on food prices. In addition, less water means loss of water quality with the necessary health consequences.
A limited supply of water also has an impact on the housing market if it reduces the quality of life.

H3OT helps companies and governements to take up this social responsibility to further develop their ecological goals.


H3OT combines the force of technology with the force for good. We are able to reduce costs and create a much bigger environmental impact in doing so. 

In a world that’s moving towards fully data driven, we need to use the force of data insights in order to improve the standards of living for everybody.


H3OT uses the power of technology to gain insight into water usage patterns and to take targeted actions.

With a focus on leak detection and awareness, we can deal with water in a sustainable manner, so that the next generations will still have access to drinking water.

High Quality Tactical Solutions

Finding A Permanent Solution Is Our Ultimate Goal!

With expertise in multiple sectors, we can guide every company in their sustainable transformation.

Being involved in a variety of businesses, helped us to optimize the implementation procedure and quality of service.

Besides the installation of the hardware, we guarantee an enhanced configuration service fully adapted to your business.

H3OT uses smart water sensors that provide a granular insight into the water consumption per unit of consumption. This is an Internet Of Things (IOT) solution that relies on the latest technology to collect smart data and forward it to a central platform. These sensors send their data via a low-energy protocol to a central gataway, which then consolidates the data and sends it via the internet to the H3OT platform, where everything can be analyzed in order to detect leaks and strange consumption patterns.

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